“Bomb-disposal with cosmic imagination”

“…I began to get a real feel for their struggle and the absolute ingenuity as I worked my way into the book and was able to absorb the intricacies of the campaigns. This isn’t a book to take lightly. It takes you into the details and history of the nuts and bolts of the bombings and the challenges.”

“As a bomb tech and looking at the conflict as somewhat of an insider I thought that this book did an excellent job at describing the mechanics of the conflict without getting stuck in the politics. Overall an excellent read.”


Is a gripping science-fiction trilogy

FIELDS OF ORION: An Odyssey [1] is set in London, Washington and Iraq in the near-future world of terrorism, espionage, bomb disposal and alien contact.

Published on Amazon Kindle & Paperback in August 2019

An Army bomb disposal operator with very special powers.
A maverick MI5 recruit with an IRA past.
A psychopathic ex-lover hell-bent on revenge.
An apocalyptic eco-terrorist group.

A little park in north London. Where it all began, and where it all may end.

The most secret government project in history.
A distant message.
A devastating legacy.
The countdown has begun.

If you’re into military action heroes, apocalyptic villains, quirky spies, and mind-blowing alien contact – you’ll be captivated by Fields of Orion: An Odyssey

“Fields of Orion was inspired by the bomb disposal operators and army veterans I’ve had the honour to know and work alongside. I have combined this amazing experience with a totally different early life in the 1980s working on a futuristic science project along with my knowledge of terrorism and a passion for space, Greek legend, and the music and imagery of David Bowie. With all these disparate influences, I wrote Fields of Orion. And above all, it was written with love.”


“Fields of Orion starts with a terrorist attack on London and builds to something literally earth-shattering…Oppenheimer blends an expert’s knowledge of bomb disposal with cosmic imagination and a refreshing wit to serve up an engrossing SF thriller that is two parts James Bond to one part David Bowie, and great entertainment from start to finish.”

David Hambling

“A fast-paced, expectation-defying novel, set in the tense world of bomb disposal. It contains all the excitement and intrigue that a reader would want from a military thriller, but with a surprising, genre-changing plot twist… It also explores the boundaries and expectations of masculinity, from ancient myth to modern hero”

Anna Maguire Elliot

“I also got the idea for the plot while painting a picture to donate to Felix Fund, the Bomb Disposal Charity. Called ‘Nine Lives’, it features a bomb disposal operator about to dismantle an explosive device in a desert beneath a vast sun. Bowie’s lightning flash pierces the sky above two giant Schrödinger’s cats in the background. Felix the cat is the famous emblem of the bomb squads, as they have nine lives, according to legend. The hero in the picture is dead and alive at the same time, like Schrödinger’s cat. He is on his ninth life, he is Felix. And he could be in any desert, anywhere…”

IRA – The Bombs and the Bullets: A History of Deadly Ingenuity (Irish Academic Press 2008)

Widely acknowledged as a prime work on the military campaign of the Irish republican movement, from the Fenian Dynamiters of the 19th century to the modern Provisional IRA. How the Irish Republican Army became the most adept and experienced insurgency group the world has ever seen through their bombing expertise. The many pioneering countermeasures developed by the British Army bomb squads to counter over 17,000 bombs deployed by PIRA during ‘The Troubles’. The story behind the bombs: those who built and deployed them; those who had to deal with and dismantle them; and those who suffered and died from them.