Invited speaker to more than 100 events on counter-terrorism and CBRNE since 2002. Visiting Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton 2011-18 and Instructor, Workshops on Counter-IED, SMi Group, London 2009-13.

Prime Events

  • CBRN Civil Support Teams’ Commanders Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, 26 Jan 2009 – VIP Guest Speaker, The Litvinenko Affair: the Gold Standard in Response to a Radiological Dispersal Event
  • US Office of Naval Research, Washington DC, 12 March 2009 – IEDs: From the IRA to Now
  • Defence and Research Dept Govt of Canada, Ottawa, 24 Nov 2009 – IRA: Lessons Learned for IED Threats Today
  • EDCON 2010, Annual Conference of the Canadian Explosives Technicians Assoc., Toronto, Canada, 9 April 2010 – Evolution of IEDs
  • International Training Conference, International Assoc. of Bomb Technicians & Investigators, 13-18 June 2010 – The IRA’s Bombing Campaign: The IED Challenge Then and Now
  • US EUCOM RAF Molesworth NATO Analysis Complex, VIP Speaker, 24 Aug 2010 – NBC Weaponisation by Non-State Actors
  • City Security and Resilience Networks, London, 16 Sept 2010 – Resurgence of bombings in Northern Ireland
  • Canadian Joint CBRN Incident Response Unit, Toronto, 7 Oct 2010 – VIP Speaker, NBC Proliferation
  • Countering IEDs, Amara Singapore, Keynote Speech, 6-9 Dec 2010 – The Dreaded Chimera: Advanced IEDs and CBRN IEDs
  • Defeating the Global IED Threat, Conference & Exhibition, 12-14 Dec 2011 – Abu Dhabi, Improvised CBRN IEDs
  • G4S Project Royal, London, 20 Aug 2012 – Presenter of Terrorist Attack Scenario for Red-Teaming Exercise
  • Global IED Conference, National Intelligence Council (NIC), Washington D.C., 23-24 Jan 2013 – Keynote, IEDs: A Historical Perspective; Panel: Use of Commercial Grade Explosives by the IRA
  • NATO-US Office of Naval Research Workshop, 17 June 2013 – The IED Threat from Chechen and other Groups
  • Counter-Terror Expo, Olympia London, 29-30 April 2014 – Training and Equipment for First Responders in Dealing with CBRN IEDs
  • Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Visiting Lecturer in Master CBRNe Directorate, July 2014 – Day of Lectures on CBRNe
  • Airport 2017 Security Conference, Hilton Vienna, 12-13 Sept 2017 – CBRN Threats to Airports and Aircraft
  • Annual Conference Institute of Explosives Engineers, Sept 2018 – Terrorist Explosives: From IRA to ISIS
  • Annual Conference, Institute of Explosives Engineers, March 2020 – Dissident Irish Republican Bombings
  • Maritime Explosive Safety Forum 15, MOD Abbey Wood, February 2019 – Terrorist IEDs: Evolving Modus Operandi
  • International Security Expo, Olympia London, December 2019 – Reading the Bombmaker’s Signature
  • Fulmination 2020 – Annual Conference Institute of Explosives Engineers, March 2020, Dissident Irish Republican Bombings