Fields of Orion II: The Mission is Part 2 of the trilogy, picking up where part 1 left off the plot thickens and readers are taken further into this new bewildering world.


UK-based specialist in Counter-Terrorism & CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Weapons & Explosives)

Stars of Orion was inspired by astronomers who follow me on Twitter, where I roleplay as Orion the Mighty Hunter @warrior_orion

During Spring 2021 I assembled a lovely Collection of photos by these astronomers for my Orion blogsite. Then I decided to put together, host and publish a beautiful book of photos and stories of my Constellation, released at the height of the Orion winter season show!

Fields of Orion was inspired by the bomb disposal operators and army veterans I've had the honour and privilege to know and work alongside. I have combined this amazing experience with my knowledge of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and a passion for space exploration, alien visitation, Greek legend, and the music and imagery of David Bowie

Andy Oppenheimer
Andy Oppenheimer | Author, Editor & Public Speaker

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Orion The Mighty Hunter
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After writing Fields of Orion (II), I took on a comedic version of the mythical Orion the Hunter from Greek legend as a fun roleplay character – a hapless hunting hero on Earth and a glittering celestial target in the winter night skies for the astronomy paparazzi! You can follow my exploits and antics by clicking below and following me on Twitter as Orion The Mighty Hunter  @warrior_orion


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Andy Oppenheimer AIExpE MIABTI is an author, editor, public speaker and subject matter expert in counter-terrorism and CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear weapons & explosives)

In August 2019 he published his first in a trilogy of science fiction novels. Fields of Orion: An Odyssey is set in London in the near-future world of terrorism, espionage and first contact


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