NEW BLOG SITE: Orion the Mighty Hunter

Just launched: my brand new BLOG page: Orion – The Mighty Hunter Read all about my raunchy, rampant exploits in Ancient Greece, why I got banished into outer space, and what’s in store for my comeback on Earth… stories, short stories, gossip, banter and opinion. My super soaraway sexy memoir The Hunter’s Story is […]

ORION THE MIGHTY HUNTER: Blog Stardate 30 August 2020

Greetings, People of Earth! Welcome to the blog page of Orion the Mighty Hunter. Orion. You know me as a magnificent constellation of stars in the winter skies. As a giant hunter etched in the cosmos, I have captivated stargazers and astronomers through the generations since the time I lived, loved, and hunted in Ancient […]

Fields of Orion (1): Plot Breakdown

While in service in Iraq, charismatic, handsome British Army bomb-disposal operator Major Adam Armstrong develops extraordinary abilities of telekinesis and rapid recovery. He is reluctantly recruited into a futuristic military project to create super-soldiers, headed up by the ice-cold Captain Sheena Maxwell, a spurned lover hell-bent on revenge. Maverick counter-terror expert Dan Boland foresees the […]