Fields of Orion (1): Plot Breakdown

While in service in Iraq, charismatic, handsome British Army bomb-disposal operator Major Adam Armstrong develops extraordinary abilities of telekinesis and rapid recovery. He is reluctantly recruited into a futuristic military project to create super-soldiers, headed up by the ice-cold Captain Sheena Maxwell, a spurned lover hell-bent on revenge.
Maverick counter-terror expert Dan Boland foresees the fourth London bomb attack in July 2005 after seeing furious waves of energy light up the sky above a north London park. When he meets Adam Armstrong, he sees the decorated Army officer’s horrific PTSD flashbacks of battle carnage and his visions of an ancient people, or what look like people, wandering a strange, beautiful desert under a gigantic sun, somewhere…

Dan is recruited by the British Intelligence Service MI5 as an undercover agent to sabotage Adrestia, a group of far-Right scientists planning acts of cataclysmic terrorism. When geneticist and MI5 agent Dr Allison Hardy makes a shocking discovery about Adam Armstrong she propels the most covert government project in history into unknown territory. As Adrestia’s plans approach their terrifying climax in London, Sheena’s diabolical plot against Armstrong gathers pace as he takes the longest walk into unprecedented danger – while carrying the world’s most devastating secret.