The First In The Trilogy

Set in London, Washington and Iraq in the near-future world of terrorism, espionage, bomb disposal and alien contact.

An Army bomb disposal operator with very special powers.

A maverick MI5 recruit with an IRA past.
A psychopathic ex-lover hell-bent on revenge.
An apocalyptic eco-terrorist group.

A little park in north London. Where it all began, and where it all may end.

The most secret government project in history.
A distant message.
A devastating legacy.
The countdown has begun.

If you’re into military action heroes, apocalyptic villains, quirky spies, and mind-blowing alien contact – you’ll be captivated by Fields of Orion: An Odyssey & the new sequel – Fields of Orion II: The Mission.

Published on Amazon Kindle & Paperback in August 2019

One showed, in extraordinary detail, an exoplanet superimposed onto a blurry point in the constellation just below the three brilliant stars on Orion’s Belt. Lines of code littered one side of the screen. A photo of the desert in northwest Iraq looked like the red surface of Mars. And next to all of that, the vast screen boasted a floor-to-ceiling 3D poster, and the eight-based DNA genomic sequence, of Major Adam Jerome Armstrong. -- This had brought her into the highly covert programme gathering pace in the disused warehouse outside London. And there, she was privy to what it was all about: the discovery of signals emanating from an Earth-like planet located in the constellation Orion. She had discovered what was sending them, and to whom, and why. -- Suddenly, Dan’s phone pinged. Of all things, an app – one that MI5 hadn’t deleted – of a night sky map. Distracted, he saw the eight most brilliant stars of the constellation light up the little screen. Then he saw a flash of blinding light. He leapt to his feet, pointed up, and from the depths of his soul screamed out one word: “Orion!”

“Fields of Orion was inspired by the bomb disposal operators and army veterans I’ve had the honour to know and work alongside. I have combined this amazing experience with a totally different early life in the 1980s working on a futuristic science project along with my knowledge of terrorism and a passion for space, Greek legend, and the music and imagery of David Bowie. With all these disparate influences, I wrote Fields of Orion. And above all, it was written with love.”