ORION THE MIGHTY HUNTER Blogsite launched August 2020

Greetings, People of Earth! Welcome to the blog page of Orion the Mighty Hunter.

Orion. You know me as a magnificent constellation of stars in the winter skies. As a giant hunter etched in the cosmos, I have captivated stargazers and astronomers through the generations since the time I lived, loved, and hunted in Ancient Greece.

You may ask, how did I get up here? Some of you may know how I lived, and how I died. That I was made immortal in the heavens by the beautiful, powerful Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis – the love of my life.

Compared to my distinctive, instantly recognisable luminescence, my terrestrial life has many versions. I am the Schrödinger’s Cat of Greek mythology. Dead and alive at the same time; multiple states, multiple conclusions.

So, almost three millennia after I lived and died, my scribe on Planet Earth, Andy Oppenheimer – who I hear is some sort of explosives expert – has agreed to take down my stories and chit-chat from outer space on this newfangled Twitter social media malarkey!

So to read about my exploits, Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/warrior_orion

And visit my brand new blog page Orion the Mighty Hunter https://orionthemightyhunter.com/